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If you’re looking for a chance to do some serious good for the polyamory community, this is totally it. 

Have you ever needed a poly friendly counselor, lawyer, physician or other professional to help you?  If you have, you know FINDING one can be an utter bastard.  We’re trying to solve that, and this is a great way to help.  I’ve known these people for years and they are very committed to serving the poly community.


Poly Community Announcement - Please Circulate Widely:

Poly Friendly Professionals Directory back online but in need of further repairs: volunteer PHP specialists sought

Hi Poly Community,

It is with delight that we announce that the Poly Friendly Professionals Directory is back online, thanks to the efforts of James Munger, Joe Decker, and Geri Weitzman. Same website as before:

However, the present fix is a temporary one - we were able to clean up the data, but we weren’t able to figure out what caused the data file corruption. Hence it is vulnerable to being corrupted once again.

We need volunteers who are proficient in PHP and who can truly devote a chunk of time to assist us with rebuilding the database. (MySQL knowledge would also be helpful but we’ve got someone who can handle that end of things if need be.)

Please forward this announcement to poly lists and to poly-friendly PHP specialists until 10/15/14, so that it isn’t running around the internet in perpetuum

Any questions or offers to help can be directed to Geri Weitzman at geriweitzman at gmail dot com

James, Joe, and Geri

Anyone out there have a good working knowledge of PHP to help out?

I’d really like for this site to be operational when I get my financial planning practice launched. Keep passing this around.

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The droplets of semen on her stomach look somewhat weird (fake?), but otherwise…nice photo set. 

Pretty sure that’s candle wax. I like the way you think, though.



Reblog this if you would date someone polyamorous.

I am doing so!

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~gasps excitedly~👄

I LOVE my tomadillygirl and how she takes My breath away

Gentleman Savage

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Everything Love

I say this a lot and I always get people arguing with me saying that bad pizza is bad, which just leaves me speechless because how can someone be so wrong about something


Everything Love

I say this a lot and I always get people arguing with me saying that bad pizza is bad, which just leaves me speechless because how can someone be so wrong about something

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I so, so badly want to believe in transformative/restorative/rehabilitative justice, I really hate the idea of punishment*, but…

It seems like so many attempts that I’ve been personally involved in have ended one of two ways:

1.  ”Our ‘let’s all just hug this out’ community mediation process that works so well for minor disputes will totally work for major violence.”

2. “Here’s your rehabilitation. It looks exactly like regular prison.”

I still believe in the ideas, but they don’t do any good if people just use them as new labels to slap on old injustices.

*”Punishment” meaning an action done for the purpose of causing suffering.  If actions that are necessary to make reparation, to protect people, or to enforce people’s personal boundaries happen to make the offender unhappy, that’s not punishment by my definition, that’s just time to sing the “you can’t always get what you waaaant” song.

Isn’t the idea that we can forcibly improve people through the justice system kind of absurd and full of hubris? Especially considering the justice system is possibly the least efficient and effective institution in the country, full stop.

Usually violent people are violent because they’re impulsive and don’t think their actions through - very little violence is calculated, because the penalties for being violent in a civil society (even if the justice system overlooks you) are so severe that there are almost no circumstances where someone will calmly and soberly decide ‘yeah, punching that guy is totally worth it.’

There isn’t really anything we can do to deter impulsive acts of violence aside from separating the people inclined to impulsive acts of violence from the rest of society, so they can commit them against each other instead of the rest of us. They don’t have a problem with their souls we can fix through Jesus; they don’t have a problem with their thinking we can fix through education; they have a problem with their brains that we don’t know how to fix. Yet.

I agree that punishment qua punishment is worthless in the pursuit of justice (it’s popular because there are a lot of sadists out there who need a better outlet for their fetishes than voting) but forcing someone to make restitution to their victims and keeping them apart from society so they can’t just keep committing crimes are both worthy goals. Prison does one of those and tort law does the other, but with unbelievable inefficiency. For what it’s worth I think they did a much better job in the Dark Ages with the institutions of outlawry and weregild, which served the same purposes.

fashioncommunicationgirl said: Hi, I really like your blog. I will ask you an question, because you seem to know your stuff : why american have only two politicals parties? In Canada, my country, if someone is not happy with the gouvernement, they will try to create a political party where they can be themself and promote their values. Like Liberal( democrate-republicain ), Conservator(Republicain)or neo-democrat(liberal). We even have Pot party? Sorry I'm french canadian. Thank Merci beaucoup!



I’ve addressed this before in a couple posts:

The short version is it’s because of the way our elections are legally structured and the way the two major parties control non-legal factors, like presidential debates. The former is very difficult to alter because it would require, at minimum, a constitutional amendment. The latter is very difficult to alter because there is a lot of money and power involved and at stake.

For this reason, America will never have (and has never had) more than two viable, national parties absent a massive structural upheaval of our current legal and political system.

Well put. This line of thinking has led me to the conclusion that if we’re ever going to have any influence, we need to not try to compete alongside both the main parties but actively seek to destroy and replace one of them, the way the Republicans replaced the Whigs. And for numerous reasons I think we should attempt to supplant the Republicans. In fact, I think the process has already started.

There is no word in the English language for enjoyment of pain.


sadism means sexual pleasure form inlicting pain, but there’s no word for say laughing at someones pain. It’s called schadenfreude in german.

Sadism is derived from a Frenchman’s name and masochism comes from an Austrian’s.

I’m sure if you search the OED hard enough you could find a fine old Anglo-Saxon compound word describing the concept. A calque for schadenfreude would be ‘harmjoy.’ I think that’d be an excellent addition to the modern lexicon.

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